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Your partner with hacked websites. Our solutions provide the necessary security on your web space and always keep you on track!

WordPress website hacked?

Don't panic!

Tortuga Webspace Security does everything in its power to stop the increasing threat of cyberpiracy. If your WordPress site is also affected, we will get it back on track with our expertise!

"Malware was found on your web space"? - That's why you should act now:

  • Cyber pirates intend to...
  • steal your data and passwords
  • upload malware and phishing pages
  • send spam emails through your mailboxes
  • place illegal content on your webspace
  • harm your site and your data
  • We at Tortuga offer...
  • together more than 20 years of experience
  • use of in-house developed malware scanners and signatures
  • high sense of criminal brainpower
  • open communication and transparency
  • no hidden costs

We start where technology stops. Learn more about our process. Find out everything about our range of services in detail. Become active and order our service.

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Cybercrime Incidents alone in Germany in 2020

88 Mio.€

Costs due to computer fraud in Germany in 2019


of online users have already become victims of cybercrime

Source: statista.com

Thoroughly, Holistic, Sustainable

The Tortuga Service Process

Only a few steps are necessary on the way to your clean website. We at Tortuga are experts in the field of website cleanup. Get in touch - we'll do the rest!

1 Contact & Order

Just fill out our contact form or give us a call! Together we will discuss the workflow for your website.


2 Analysis

As soon as we have access to your website, we will start the analysis and give you a pre-analysis report.


3 Cleanup

We will remove the malware and/or clean your database and infected files.


4 Prevention

We close the intrusion point and bring your website back in line with the latest standards.


5 Completion

After all the work is done, you will receive a final report and your good feeling back from us!


6 Aftercare

If there is another attack on your website within 3 months of our work, we will be happy to take care of it again as part of our warranty!


Years of experience in website security


Manually created malware signatures


Happy customers

More than just a few buzzwords!

Our range of services

The resolution of the problem and your satisfaction have top priorities for us!
With the motto "nothing is impossible", we will help you get your website back on track.

Find malware

Manually and with our in-house developed malware scanner, we check your entire web space and WordPress database.

Remove malware

In case of modified WordPress files, we restore the original file, clean your infected files and delete the malware.

Attack Analysis

Based on the data obtained from the malware, we determine the entry point and the insecure software.


In any case, we try to patch the vulnerability of the software with an official manufacturer update. If this is not possible, we help you with hardening.


With hardening, we prevent access to the detected intrusion point through a set of rules in your WordPress .htaccess file.


We check if your website reputation has been damaged by the attack and ended up on a blocklist. If this is the case, we will take care of it.


You have already been informed about the attack by your provider? If you want, we will gladly take over the communication.

Malware Signatures

Our malware signatures can be adapted to common market standards. You have your own malware scanner? Talk to us!


After our first immediate action, as well as in the period after, we will keep you informed of any work that has been performed by us.

We are constantly working on improving and expanding our range of services. Do you have detailed questions or are you missing a particular service? Just send us a message and we will find a solution for you.

tortuga [torˈtuɣa] noun, la - the turtle

Wise, Calm, Strong

This is what Tortuga Webspace Security stands for

Fair and transparent - so you know what you're getting!

Our prices


Aftercare package

Sit back! We continue to keep an eye on your website

3 months inclusive! Can be extended individually afterwards
  • Malware removal
  • Patching the vulnerabilities

So you get 3 months warranty on our work!

3 months warranty on our work

Transparency and communication at eye level

Continuous development and current data sources